RACI Matrix


Description Tech. Officer Contractor

Once the contractor's contact persons have been validated in Qualiac by the procurement officer, register in PRT2 each person (and subcontractor's person) who will need access to CERN's site, with all required supporting documents, with a proposed duration of access rights (not exceeding the contract's duration). Once PRT2 has been completed, the contractor's personnel shall present themselves to CERN's Security service in building 55 before the start of the services to be performed, and show the originals of the supporting documents to get their registration card.

Please refer to the website  http://admin-eguide.web.cern.ch/en/procedure/enregistrement-de-personnel-dentreprise-contractante and the document "Working on the CERN site"  for additional information.

Beware: In case the contractor holds more than one contract with CERN, make sure the right personnel is registered under the right contract. For subcontractors, a formal request shall be made to CERN, please refer to section "Approval of a subcontractor" for further details.

Upon expiry of a supporting document (ID, certificate, training, etc.), access rights will be automatically withdrawn. The contractor and the technical officer will receive a notification two months in advance - requesting the renewal / extension of the relevant supporting document.


Check that the overall number of personnel and proposed duration of access to the CERN site matches with the activity performed. If needed, contact Registration service (access.registration@cern.ch) - in particular if proposed duration is not adequate (E.g: request for three years for works lasting 6 months).