RACI Matrix

Prepare the kick-off meeting

Description Proc. Officer Tech. Officer Contractor

Prepare kick-off meeting agenda.

A template “agenda for the contract kick-off-meeting” can be found in procurement templates.


Send kick-off meeting invitation with agenda to the contractor. The kick-off meeting should be held as soon as the letter of intent is issued or at least three months before contract start.


Hold the kick-off meeting:

The technical officer leads discussions related to technical and safety aspects. The procurement officer leads discussions related to commercial, administrative, legal and contractual aspects, including 4P. Make sure that CERN speaks with one voice.

Participants shall include at least:

  • CERN’s technical and procurement officers,
  • The contractor’s technical and commercial representatives in charge of the contract, including the contract manager, accounting officer if necessary, Safety manager.


The contractor is requested to present the implementation phase (and all related contractual aspects) that is going to be performed, covering all aspects stated in the technical specification and submitted by the contractor in the evaluation questionnaire. These include in particular:

  • Human resources (organizational chart with names, recruitment plan and training program etc.),

Only refer to applicable law instead of advising the contractor to retain personnel from the previous contractor.

The presentation shall be service-oriented.

  • Material resources,
  • Implementation schedule (deliverables dates etc.),
  • Subcontractors (see section “Approval of a subcontractor” below),
  • Training Matrix,
  • Etc.