RACI Matrix

Access to CERN's buildings

Description Tech. Officer Contractor

Provide the list of CERN’s buildings requiring specific access authorizations, and to which contractor’s personnel (and subcontractor’s personnel) will have access during the execution of the contract.

Please refer to the document "Working on the CERN site" for additional information.

All accesses shall be requested before the start of the contract.

For contracts related to works, the technical officer might provide the list of buildings only during the execution of the contract. In such case, access requests will be made after the start of the contract. See more details in section "Registration and access authorizations".

For C contracts, access follow-up can be used as a strong control tool, since the technical officer is responsible to validate access to CERN’s premises on a case-by-case basis.

Access control is performed with the ADaMS (Access Distribution and Management System) tool, which give details on all CERN zones with an access control system.


Log on to ADaMS, select a CERN zone and the building zone code to which the contractor’s personnel (and subcontractor’s personnel) will have access.

ADaMS will:

• Provide the links to the list of training courses to be performed;

• Provide a confirmation that all necessary training courses have been registered (and then performed) correctly;

• Establish whether a dosimeter is necessary;

• Give information about minimum Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) required.

A CERN account is required to access ADaMS.

Beware: information provided by ADaMS on PPE do not exempt the contractor from checking and making sure that all necessary PPE are provided for the performance of the services.

Please refer to the document Working on the CERN site for more information on dosimeters and double dosimetry. Additional guidelines can be found in the CERN dosimetry website on how to obtain a CERN dosimeter.

ADaMS provides information about premises under access control, and gives guidelines about the related minimum requirements. In this respect, ADaMS is not intended to provide guidance about the risks related to the performance of the services.


Complete the requested training courses, and, if applicable, obtain a CERN dosimeter.

Training shall be performed before the date of intervention in CERN’s building, otherwise access will be denied.


Once the trainings are performed and, if applicable, upon reception of a CERN dosimeter, request access to CERN’s specific buildings for each of the contractor’s personnel (and subcontractor’s personnel) via EDH (the document is called "Access Request (ACRQ)").

The link to EDH can be found in ADaMS.



Review the proposed list of personnel and duration of access rights, with validation in EDH. The workflow is then redirected to the responsible of the area concerned (Group Leader In Matters Of Safety (GLIMOS), Department Safety Officer (DSO) etc.) of the related building for final approval.

Upon approval, a green check will be visible in ADaMS.