RACI Matrix

Registration and access authorizations

Description Tech. Officer Contractor

Manage accesses and authorisations in compliance with CERN access and registration procedures.

Refer to the document “Working on the CERN site” for further details.


At least once a year, follow-up the contractor’s personnel renewal of registration and access authorisations (in accordance the document “Working on the CERN site”):

  • Control that the number of the persons the contractor assigns to the performance of the contract  is correct,

In case of contracts involving a high number of persons assigned by the contractor, the technical officer may request the contractor’s contract manager to confirm the appropriate assignment of its personnel to the related services. Such justification can be attached to the EDH workflow.

  • Control that the contractor has requested access deactivation for all members of his personnel not working under the contract anymore.

Should there be inconsistencies or discrepancies between the Prevention Plan (PP) and the list in “HRT”, the PP shall be updated (see section “Safety coordination”).

Also refer to section “Implementation phase” and section 2 of the document “Working on the CERN site” for further details.