RACI Matrix

Preventive maintenance

Description Tech. Officer Contractor

Where applicable, open a Work Order / Ordre de Maintenance (ODM) to instruct the start of a new intervention.


Perform the intervention and verify compliance of the work, in accordance with the maintenance plan - as foreseen in Infor EAM / ODM, and agreed with the technical officer.

Use of Infor EAM (applicable for contracts involving asset and spare management)

CERN is like most organizations with large installations of equipment using a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) to streamline, organize and document all our asset tracking and maintenance management efforts. In industry this is today often called Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) indicating that such tools are used to optimize the performance and lifecycle of physical assets across the whole organization.

 The CMMS at CERN is called Infor EAM (previously known as Datastream7i or D7i) which is a commercial system from Infor. Together with its predecessors it has been used within the organization for over 25 years and contains information about over 1.7 million pieces of equipment and details about 4 million technical interventions carried on the installed equipment. The first interventions logged in Infor EAM are from 1971 and were imported from a legacy system.

This makes Infor EAM a centralized asset repository for the whole accelerator complex and thus a vital tool for efficient knowledge transfer which is a must for installations with very long lifecycles.

Further information can be found here.


Verify the interventions performed, based on sample checks, or systematic, as appropriate. Re-open the work order as appropriate if the work performed is not compliant (via Infor EAM where applicable).

For remuneration based on lump-sum price, it is sometimes impossible to verify all the interventions performed. In such case, the technical officer shall perform sample verifications. 

Should the performance of the contract not be compliant with the contract requirements, the technical officer may decide to set follow-up meetings more regularly and / or to increase the number of checks. Refer to section “Follow-up meetings” for further details.


Validation of the work performed (via Infor EAM where applicable).



Follow up Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), as defined in the contract.

Refer to section “Quality assurance and control” below for further details on KPIs.