RACI Matrix

Operational progress meetings

Description Proc. Officer Tech. Officer Contractor

Hold weekly operational meetings, as appropriate.

Should the performance of the contract not be compliant with the contract requirements, the technical officer may decide to increase the frequency of meetings as needed with regards to the situation. For further details on management of issues and dispute settlement, please refer to sections “Day-to-day issue settlement” and “Dispute settlement” below.


Send the agenda and invitation to weekly operational meetings. The agenda shall include all aspects related to operational issues, including Safety, schedule of activities etc.

Participants shall include at least:

  • CERN’s technical officer,
  • The contractor’s technical supervisor and team leaders.

Should there be important contractual matters to address (non/under performance of the contract, price revision, extension etc.) during the meeting, it is advisable to set up a preparation meeting with the procurement officer.

For C contracts, it is advisable to set up a weekly meeting, inviting successively all internal customers involved in ongoing works, with a defined timing for each customer.

Safety: ask the contractor to report and document all issues.


Draft and issue the minutes of the operational progress meeting – preferably via a Service Order / Ordre de Service (OS).

The technical officer –not the contractor- shall draft the minutes of meeting.

The minutes of meeting should include a provision such as: “You are kindly requested to return to CERN a signed copy of the present Service Order within five working days of its reception. Without any response from you within this deadline, the Service Order will be considered accepted. ”

Safety: make sure the subject is covered in the minutes to show that Safety is being followed-up closely, including when no accident or specific issue is reported (ex: mention “no specific Safety issue declared this month/week”).


File the minutes of the weekly progress meeting in EDMS.