RACI Matrix

Behaviour tips

  • Comply with CERN’s Integrity Policy, including CERN’s Code of Conduct, 
  • Defend CERN’ interests,
  • Read, understand and acquire full knowledge of your contract,
  • Keep track of all records, do not make oral commitments,
  • Use templates wherever they exist,
  • Clearly define the roles and responsibilities of CERN personnel in charge of the follow-up of the contract,
  • Set the relationship with the contractor up for success:
    • Show the example: be prompt, stick to the time frames, be meticulous with paperwork,
    • Be fair and impartial, 
    • Be constructive and pragmatic,
    • Distinguish facts and opinions,
    • Trust and verify.
  • Be respected, but not feared, by the contractor,
  • Be aware of matters and risks related to “délit de marchandage”,
  • Do not negotiate on your own, inform procurement as soon as any dispute arises, 
  • Expect and manage change,
  • Learn and share,
  • Protect ‘commercial-in-confidence’ information,
  • Be aware of the evolution of applicable law, rules and regulations,
  • Contact the procurement officer for any question related to contractual and commercial matters.