RACI Matrix

Use or reference to CERN's name, logo or activities

Description Proc. Officer Tech. Officer

If the contractor requests to use CERN’s name or logo, or if the contractor requests to make a publication with reference to its activities under the contract with CERN, review whether the request is acceptable from a procurement and technical perspective.


- CERN’s name and logo are important, protected assets. Use of CERN’s name or logo, or public reference to a contractor’s activities under a CERN contract, have commercial promotional value for contractors. As a general rule, permission to benefit from them should be given only to contractors which have proven themselves to be reputable in their dealings with CERN during the relationship CERN has had with them prior to their request.

- Further guidelines on video and press release requests is available here.

- More information on how to use CERN logo can be found here: https://design-guidelines.web.cern.ch/.



If the contractor’s request is acceptable from a procurement and technical perspective, forward the request to Sebastien Sonnerat, who will request approval from the Communications Service, the Press Office, the Legal Service, and any other relevant stakeholders.

Tip: Further information about the approval of the use of CERN’s name and logo is available in this presentation.


Inform the contractor of CERN’s decision in response to its request.