2020 Award of Excellence to CERN Procurement and Industrial Services

The 2020 EIPM Peter Kraljic Prize for Excellence, awarded to CERN Procurement and Industrial Services


The CERN Procurement and Industrial Services has been honoured with the prestigious EIPM Peter Kraljic Awards for Excellence  in the ‘Master of Business Continuity’ category in the 2020 edition of the programme.

The EIPM- Peter Kraljic Award, since its creation in 2010, celebrates Purchasing Organisations who show an exemplary performance with an aptitude for creative and innovative approaches while also consciously being respectful of the environment and society. The programme is highly competitive with a jury comprising industry leaders and expert buyers. CERN was recognised for its excellence in conducting procurement operations in 2020, where it led by taking all necessary measures to minimise the impact of the pandemic in this turbulent year while protecting their employees, suppliers and customers. The winners were celebrated in a virtual ceremony on 10 December 2020 with Dr. Peter Kraljic himself, who’s a stalwart in the field and a concluding round of debates on ‘Good Practices in Turbulent Times’. This is the second time CERN’s Procurement and Industrial Services group has received the award, the first being an Award for Excellence in the “Innovation and Process” category in 2016.

Anders Unnervik, head of the CERN Procurement and Industrial Services was thrilled at this commendable achievement.

We are honored and humbled to receive this award. 2020 has been an extraordinary year and it feels great to know that our efforts in pulling through the strenuous challenges of the year are being recognised as an example for others to follow.

CERN is one of 48 companies across the world, to have been recognised with the award for their outstanding practices by EIPM since 2010. Till date, over 630 companies from more than 50 countries have competed in this programme.

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