Technical Contacts

Civil Engineering and Buildings

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Heating and Air-conditioning Equipment
Hoisting and Handling Gear
Civil Engineering and Buildings

Electrical Engineering

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Magnets and Superconductors
Switch Gear, Switchboards, Power Transformers and Power Cables
Power Supplies and Converters
Crates and Low Voltage Power Supplies


Activity Contacts
ASIC's and related design tools
Electronic Measuring Instruments
Electronic Modules and Crates
Integrated Circuits and Printed Circuit Boards
RF and Microwave Components and Equipment

Data Processing

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CPU and Disk Servers
Desktop and Laptop Computers
Desktop Services
General Software Licensing
Network and Telecom Equipment

Mechanical Engineering

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Mechanical Engineering

Occupational Health & Safety and Environment

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Safety Engineering
Radiation Protection
Environmental Protection

Vacuum and Low-Temperature Technology

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Vacuum, Surface and Coating Equipment
Cryogenic Equipment

Particle Detectors

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Electronics for detectors
Particle Detectors, comprising Scintillators, Silicon sensors and Photodetectors

Controls System

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Accelerator Controls
File and Application Servers and Consoles
Front End Computers
Timing Systems and Synchronisation
Industrial Controls