Code of Professional Ethics Extract



Introduction by the Director-General

The Code of Professional Ethics for CERN Procurement (CPE) provides guidance on procurement related ethical issues involving external firms. It has been drawn up by the Procurement and Industrial Services Group for the use of anyone involved in procurement for CERN, with the aim of enhancing the proficiency and stature of CERN procurement while fostering the highest standards of professional practice. I strongly encourage everyone concerned to incorporate the CPE fully into their work.

  1. Purpose and scope

The purpose of the CPE is to define ethical procurement, which shall be complied with by all persons working for or on behalf of the CERN Procurement and Industrial Services Group. The CPE complements the CERN Code of Conduct as well as the CERN Procurement Rules.

  1. II. Ethical procurement

With the objective of ensuring ethical procurement, each person subject to the CPE shall:

  1. maintain the highest standard of integrity in all commercial relationships;
  2. reject any commercial practice which might reasonably be deemed improper;
  3. optimise the use of resources for the benefit of CERN;
  4. ensure the accuracy of information provided or exchanged;
  5. respect the confidentiality of information received, never communicating it to any person not entitled to have access to such information;
  6. never use authority or position for personal gain;
  7. avoid conflict of interest or situations that could be perceived as such;
  8. remain impartial in all commercial dealings and not be influenced by those with vested interests;
  9. comply with the gift policy (see in Integrity at CERN)