Procurement Management Team

Anders Unnervik

Anders Unnervik (Head of Group)

Practice area: Head of Procurement and Industrial Services

Experience: Anders obtained an MSc in Industrial and Management Engineering in Linköping (Sweden), before joining CERN in 1988 as a member of the Procurement Service. Having headed several procurement projects, including the major LHC related projects, he became Head of the Procurement and Industrial Services Group in 2008.

Contact Anders

Tel: +41 22 767 3245

Languages spoken: Swedish, English, French

Cristina Lara

Cristina Lara (Deputy Head of Group and Head of IPT-PI-RI Section)

Practice area: Research, EU and telecom contracts and Service contracts

Experience: Cristina completed her degree in business administration in Madrid (Spain) and joined CERN in 1995 as a member of the Procurement Service in charge of IT equipment and LHC purchases. Since 2004, she has worked within the Procurement Service as Head of Section in charge of Industrial Services contracts. She is also in charge of the quality assurance for the Procurement Service.

Contact Cristina

Tel: +41 22 767 8486

Languages spoken: Spanish, French, English

Jerôme Pierlot

Jerôme Pierlot (Head of IPT-PI-AT Section)

Practice area: Supply contracts

Experience: Jérôme completed his electrical engineering education in Belgium, before joining CERN in 1998, as a member of the Engineering Department. Since 2016 he has worked within the Procurement Service as a Procurement and contract officer.

Contact Jerôme

Tel: +41227672453

Languages spoken: French, English, Italian


Fatima Najeh (Head of IPT-PI-IP Section)

Practice area: IT Supply Contracts and Purchase Orders <200kCHF and MICE activities (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Events)

Experience: .

Contact Fatima

Tel: +41 22 76 79385

Languages spoken: French, English, Spanish

Lisa Bellini

Lisa Bellini Devictor (Head of IPT-PI-AG Section)

Practice area: Supply contracts

Experience: Lisa completed her Civil Engineering degree in France and an MSc in Management in New York. Having worked for ten years in the French and English administration on procurement processes for motorways and Public Private Partnerships, she joined CERN in May 2010 as a Procurement and Contract Officer.

Contact Lisa

Tel: +41 22 767 3626

Languages spoken: French, English

Alexandra Hahnel-Borgeaud

Alexandra Hahnel-Borgeaud (Legal advisor)

Practice area: Legal advice

Experience: Alexandra completed her Law degree in Grenoble and PhD studies in Berlin. Having worked at the European Commission in Brussels and with a private law firm in Berlin, she joined CERN in 2004 as a member of the Legal Service. She has worked as a member of the Legal Service and as Legal officer within the Procurement Service since 2006.

Contact Alexandra

Tel: +41 22 767 0626

Languages spoken: French, German, English

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