Technical Contacts

Civil Engineering and Buildings
Activity Contact
Civil Engineering and Buildings Luigi Scibile
Heating and Air-conditioning Equipment Mauro Nonis
Hoisting and Handling Gear Ingo Rühl
Controls System
Activity Contact
Accelerator Controls Eugenia Hatziangeli
Fieldbuses Evangelia Gousiou
File and Application Servers and Consoles Marc Vanden Eynden
Front End Computers Marc Vanden Eynden
Industrial Controls Peter Sollander
Timing Systems and Synchronisation Javier Serrano
Tomasz Wlostowski
Data Processing
Activity Contact
CPU and Disk Servers Olof Barring
Marc Vanden Eynden
Desktop and Laptop Computers Christian Boissat
Desktop Services Mats Moller
General Software Licensing Ignacio Reguero
Network and Telecom Equipment Tony Cass
Electrical Engineering
Activity Contact
Crates and Low Voltage Power Supplies Vincent Bobillier
Francois Vasey
Magnets and Superconductors Luca Bottura
Power Supplies and Converters Jean-Paul Burnet
Switch Gear, Switchboards, Power Transformers and Power Cables Nicolas Bellegarde
Activity Contact
ASIC's and related design tools Michael Campbell
Electronic Measuring Instruments Catherine Moine
Electronic Modules and Crates Marc Vanden Eynden
Catherine Moine
Andrzej Siemko
Betty Magnin
Javier Serrano
Erik van der Bij
Integrated Circuits and Printed Circuit Boards Andrzej Siemko
Betty Magnin
RF and Microwave Components and Equipment Erk Jensen
Mechanical Engineering
Activity Contact
Mechanical Engineering Francesco Bertinelli
Occupational Health & Safety and Environment
Activity Contact
Environmental Protection Sonja Kleiner
Radiation Protection Stefan Roesler
Safety Engineering Yves Loertscher
Particle Detectors
Activity Contact
Electronics for detectors Philippe Farthouat
Jorgen Christiansen
Particle Detectors, comprising Scintillators, Silicon sensors and Photodetectors Christian Joram
Duccio Abbaneo
Vacuum and Low-Temperature Technology
Activity Contact
Cryogenic Equipment Dimitri Delikaris
Vacuum, Surface and Coating Equipment Paolo Chiggiato

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