Research and Industrial Services Section (IPT-PI-RI)

Cristina Lara
Cristina Lara (Deputy Head of Group and Head of IPT-PI-RI Section)

Practice area: Research, EU and telecom contracts and Service contracts

Experience: Cristina completed her degree in business administration in Madrid (Spain) and joined CERN in 1995 as a member of the Procurement Service in charge of IT equipment and LHC purchases. Since 2004, she has worked within the Procurement Service as Head of Section in charge of Industrial Services contracts. She is also in charge of the quality assurance for the Procurement Service.
Contact Cristina:
Tel: +41 22 767 8486

Languages spoken: Spanish, French, English
Charles Carayon (Procurement Officer)

Practice area: Service contracts and Research Sector

Experience: Charles completed his MSc in Management at Grenoble Ecole de Management (GEM) in 2008. Before joining CERN, he managed procurement activities in the cryogenic, space and radio navigation industries. Charles joined the Procurement Service as a Procurement Officer in July 2015.
Contact Charles:
Tel: +41 22 766 3328

Languages spoken: French, English, Spanish
Joshua Luke Davison (Procurement Officer)

Practice area: Research Sector

Experience: Joshua completed his undergraduate degree in Economics at University College London in 2013. He worked for several years in London in the procurement of goods, services and research for a multinational power systems company. He joined CERN as a Procurement Officer in 2017.
Contact Joshua Luke:
Tel: +41 22 76 64458

Languages spoken: English, French
Sebastien Sonnerat
Sebastien Sonnerat (Procurement Officer)

Practice area: Service contracts

Experience: Sebastien completed his management education in France in 1997. He joined CERN in 2004 as a Procurement and Contract Officer in the Procurement Service.
Contact Sebastien:
Tel: +41 22 767 3092

Languages spoken: French, English
Christophe Veys (Procurement Officer)

Practice area: Pre-commercial Procurement (PCP)

Experience: Christophe completed his Master in European and International Law and obtained in 2011 a Master degree in Supply Management and Public Procurement. He was Head of Procurement at the Agency of Innovation in Flanders and provided legal advice and consulting services to key national and international procuring entities. He has coordinated one of the first EU-PCP projects financed by the European Commission.
Contact Christophe:
Tel: +41 22 766 3516

Languages spoken: Flemish, French, English
Stephanie Blanchard
Stephanie Blanchard (Temporary Labour Office)

Practice area: Temporary labour

Experience: Stephanie completed her commercial education in France and joined CERN in 2000. She has worked as an Administrative Assistant in the Procurement Service since 2002 and manages the Temporary labour office.
Contact Stephanie:
Tel: +41 22 767 3213

Languages spoken: French, English
Sandra Benoit-Godet
Sandra Benoit-Godet (Administrative Assistant)

Practice area: Supervisor of the Price Enquiries and Invitations to Tender (DO IT) team

Experience: Sandra completed her administrative education in France and joined CERN in 1998. She has worked within the Procurement Service as Administrative Assistant since 2007.
Contact Sandra:
Tel: +41 22 767 0085

Languages spoken: French, English
Alexandre Tabary (Administrative assistant)

Practice area: DO IT Team

Experience: Alexandre completed his communication education in Lyon (France) in 1999. Then he worked in social and cultural events. He has worked within the Procurement Service as an Administrative Assistant since 2012.
Contact Alexandre:
Tel: +41 22 766 2186

Languages spoken: French, English
Floriane Brouillat (Procurement Officer)

Practice area: Supply contracts

Experience: Floriane completed her Master’s Degree in Purchasing and Supply Chain in 2015. She started her professional career in the United Kingdom. She joined the Procurement Service in April 2017
Contact Floriane:
Tel: +41 22 766 4205

Languages spoken: English, French
Marine Rousset (Administrative assistant)

Practice area: DO IT Team

Experience: Marine completed her Master Degree in European Culture and Literature at the University Savoie-Mont-Blanc in September 2016. After working for six years in the motorcycle business, she joined Procurement Service in July 2015 as an Administrative Assistant.
Contact Marine:
Tel: +41 22 766 3376

Languages spoken: French, English
Panos Krintiras (Technical Assistant)

Practice area: Supplier's DB

Experience: Panos is a senior student in Business Administration at University of Macedonia in Thessaloniki (Greece). He joined the Procurement Service in March 2017.
Contact Panos:
Tel: +41 22 766 3625

Languages spoken: Greek, English
Laura Olmos Diaz (Administrative Assistant)

Practice area: DO IT Team

Experience: Laura is a student of Master in Business Administration, she joined the Procurement Service in July 2017.
Contact Laura Olmos:
Tel: +41 22 76 64310

Languages spoken: Spanish, English

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